Sizes & Prizes

Standard paper size (in cm) Price print Price framing on dibond
20x20 - 20x30 30 40
30x30 - 30x45 60 40 - 90
40x40 - 40x60 80 90 - 120
50x50 - 50x75 100 120 - 180
60x60 - 60x90 130 180 - 240
70x70 - 70x105 on request on request
76x76 - 76x115 on request on request
76x200 on request on request
76x300 on request
76x400 on request

Panoramic paper size (in cm) Price print Price framing on dibond
22x55 80 120
22x80 115 130
22x90 135 140
25x100 155 150
30x120 175 170
45x180 on request on request
60x240 on request on request


For Business to Business, please use the contact page for making customized orders.


For customers living outside the EU, please note that shipments to destinations outside the European Union may be subject to import taxes or customs duties that will be determined when the package reaches its country of destination. An indication of the import duty and tax can be calculated here.


Shipping prices for framed prints are done on request by the contact page, as these are determined by the size and weight of the package and the country of destination. Shipping prices for prints only are displayed in the table below. For shipping costs outside the EU, please use the contact page.

Size (in cm) & country of destination Price
up to 20x30, within The Netherlands 3,00
30x40 - 76x400, within The Netherlands 6,50
up to 20x30, outside The Netherlands & within EU 4,00
30x40 - 76x400, outside The Netherlands & within EU 9,50